Virgin hair, what is it and why does everyone look for it on Pinterest?

Virgin hair, what is it and why does everyone look for it on Pinterest?

The eagerness to discover everything has led me to investigate what virgin hair is , and the result will not leave you indifferent. 

It is quite likely that I dedicate myself to journalism because of my need to respond to everything. Every time I read about something I don't know, hundreds of doubts arise in my head that I try to solve. The good thing is that, thanks to this feature, you learn something good every day, although it doesn't always leave you with a good taste in your mouth. In this article we are going (as you can see I will share it with you) to know what is hidden behind the hair industry 

It has all started because one of my companions has told me about virgin hair searches on Pinterest (place we went to see, for example, what eye makeup we will wear this season ). This theme has 50,000 followers in the social network. Of course, I ran to see what it was. This type of hair is nothing more than one that has never been chemically treated. Do not tempt or treat or bleach ... Nothing! However, this has led me to other data of interest. 

You may have wondered where the hair with wigs, extensions and hairpieces comes from. Well, China is the largest exporter and importer of human hair . Although it is also the one with the worst publicity (below you will discover why). On the other hand, the most valuable is the European, due to its fineness and the variety of its colors. This is more scarce and comes mostly from countries in the east of the continent such as Russia or Ukraine. All this is included in the book "Tangle: the secret lives of hair", by Emma Tarlo. 

As for obtaining the hair, we can find the "remy" hair, it has been cut or shaved directly from the head so it keeps the cuticles in the same direction, or the "standard", residues that remain in the brush or even in the drains. In Asia, for example, many women keep hair that falls naturally every day when combing. All of it deals with workshops from countries like India, Bangladesh or Burma, where the strands are untangled and organized according to their size. To untangle the knots, a chemical bath that removes the cuticle is used in China. This hair stops being virgin and loses quality. A fact that makes virgin hair the most sought after, since not being treated is more natural and healthy. 

Knowing this, it is not uncommon to realize the reason why everyone looks for virgin hair on Pinterest. And we already know that this social network is a trend meter, it has already happened with the return of the collectors of the 90s or those collected for short hair with more "pins".  Will we live an extension boom?

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